In April of 2018 guitarist Mark Anderson and vocalist Mike Meadows began writing for a new album. Leaving behind all past influences and concentrating on creating something unique yet true to the Ditchwater sound. 10 new blistering tracks (including a faithful yet modern take on the Motörhead classic "Iron Fist") mixing heavy grooves blending emotional melodies with dramatic harmonic passages. Guitar and vocal driven. 

The title, which was chosen by Meadows, as a theme for a band that began in 1993 and has seen many ups and downs over the years. "Never Say Never" is the 7th album in the Ditchwater catalog, joining the recent 6 remastered albums (featuring music from 1996 to 2018) released in late 2018 and early 2019. The album presents the band sounding bigger and better than ever before. 

Produced by Anderson, engineered by Scott Creekmore (Broken Hope/Lupara) while being mixed by Joshua Wickman (Within the Ruins/King810). The cover art done by Marvel/DC artist Jason Johnson. The music showcases classic hooks while staying true to it's roots.  

Mike Meadows - Vocals  
Mark Anderson - Lead Guitar  
Mason Brown - Bass  
Mike Tignino - Drums