Ditchwater was formed by guitarist Mark Anderson in 1993 though it wasn't until 1996 that a full line up was put together. Jerry Romero (drums), Ted Graham (Guitar), and Mike Lewis (Vocals) joined the line up at various points throughout that year and the band hit the studio in September to record the EP "Adrenaline". (Bass tracks on the recording were done by Larry Saint).

Larry Anderson (Bass) joined the touring lineup and the band began playing shows throughout 1997. Mike Lewis and Ted Graham would exit the band leaving Ditchwater to go through an extensive search for a new front man. In 1998 Bret Basick would become the full-time bassist and Bill Six joined on vocals. The band would demo 12 tracks but Bill Six would leave shortly before the scheduled recordings for the new full-length album could commence. In 1999 Mike Lewis was brought back to provide vocals on a new 3 song EP titled "Ground Zero". He would again exit shortly afterward and the bands future was then in serious question. (The songs from this era comprise the album "Adrenaline" remastered and re-released in November of 2018).

In 2000 vocalist Bill Matthews was recruited and a new sound and confidence emerged. The band would tour extensively throughout 1999 through 2001 with this lineup and recorded 3 EP's "Breakdown", "I.D.G.A.F." and "Snap Inside". The buzz was building along with an ever-growing fan base. Once again the momentum took a hit as Bill Matthews left the group in May of 2001. (The songs from this era comprise the album "Breakdown" remastered and re-released in November of 2018).

Eric Chez took over the vocal spot and a 3 song EP later dubbed "Nothing Wrong" was released in August of the same year. The band graduated to bigger venues and name recognition as over 15,000 copies of this EP were distributed around the world. In 2002 Eric Chez would leave the band and once again Ditchwater was at a crossroad with their future in doubt. (The songs from this era comprise the album "Nothing Wrong" remastered and re-released in January of 2019).

In 2002 Mike Meadows joined the band on vocals. Bret Basick was replaced by Eamon Skube on bass and thus the "classic" Ditchwater line up was in place. The band recorded a 5 song EP titled "The Stupendous Yappi" in 2002. In 2003 a 3 song EP titled "Sees Me Through" was released which featured the song "It's Over". The band picked up where they left off in growing the music and the brand. In 2005, 4 more songs were recorded and the EP "Persistence" was released. By this time Jerry Romero was replaced on drums by Jaycen Angone. In 2006 all the EP's were gathered together and released as the full-length album "Going Forward Looking Back". The single from this album "It's Over" was picked up by XM Radio and the video was played on CBS TV's "The Early Show". Ditchwater shared the stage with such artists as In This Moment, Mudvayne, Otep, Soil and Brand New Sin. Despite the success, tensions arose once more and Mike Meadows left the band.

In 2007 the rest of the group soldiered on as Mike Loomis was added on vocals and Ken Weiss on guitar. The band would record the album "Strong Now Stained" getting to work with producers Jason Suecof and Mark Lewis. The song "This Spell" proved to be a strong follow up single to "It's Over" and the band began gearing up for a strong push behind the new album. By the end of 2007. Mike Loomis would be forced to leave due to personal issues and Ditchwater would take a hiatus.